The Strange World of Being an Adult

Life as an adult is quite complicated. I have been living in my own apartment since September 2019 and things were going very well for awhile and I wasn’t worried about finances. However things have changed since I lost the high paying job I had that allowed me to pay my rent and bills easily.

I love my current job a lot more than what I used to do and that’s good. However now it appears that I have medical bills I cannot pay and to complicate matters further, people have been trying to bill my previous insurance instead of my new insurance even though I made it clear that I have a new insurance that I pay for out of my paycheck that I haven’t had a chance to use yet because the claims for my lab tests and visit to the endocrinologist were billed to my old insurance which ended in April.

I also found out how bad my own teeth are and that I’m basically going to have to pay $1800 for a root canal and crown on a tooth or I’ll end up in so much pain that I’ll have to get it extracted.

So here I am in debt and worried about money. I was visiting my mom today to celebrate her birthday that was yesterday. While I was there, I was trying to make phone calls and figure out my finances.

Until finally I stopped myself and decided I’m going to have a good time with my mom no matter what shit happens.

And besides that, I may be in debt and have a bad right knee but I also realized that the only reason I’m worried about my finances and bills is because I don’t want to lose the fabulous life I have. I have my mom, my roommate, and I still could never be in as much pain as I was back when I still had my testicles. I have achieved a happiness I never thought I would have at this point. So I am focusing on what I do have rather than what I don’t.

And if I end up with no teeth to eat with, I can always drink vegetable juice. It tastes good.

Mechanical T Spin Double

I have watched many videos of Tetris and of particular interest to me are the methods of doing repeated T spin doubles. It scores many more points than even using repeated Tetris(4 lines at once) clears. For an example of how it works, here is a video of me doing it.

I was using this method by copying other videos where it was done, however I could not find the name or source to read about this method. I finally found it!

There are two methods that work which are listed on that page. Both of them work and can give you 15 or more T spin doubles in a row. However the pattern will be broken after that because the stack gets continually higher. Even so, this is a way to boost your score at the start of the game.

There is a catch though. Certain blocks must randomly come to you at the start. Particularly for the first version of the loop as shown in the above video, there must be a T block to place the J and Z blocks on top of exactly as shown. If your first two blocks are J and Z then even the hold feature won’t save you and you will have to do something different, including a possible mirrored setup so that you can use the L and S blocks instead.

The second method, which is referred to as Mechanical TSD v3 is a little bit harder to explain and instead requires the I block near the start because other blocks must be placed on top of it. However this method also has more variations on which two pieces can be used. I have a video of me using this method as well.


My score is not as high as in the other video because I don’t have as much practice with this method but it’s still capable of the same thing once you get it started.

There may even be other methods of doing repeated T spin doubles this easy that have not been discovered yet. As long as Tetris has been around there are still people making new achievements.

Also it’s worth mentioning that modern versions of Tetris make these loops possible only because of the 7 bag system where you will get all 7 pieces each 7 blocks dropped but the order is randomized. This means that it’s completely unlike the original Gameboy or NES Tetris you might be used to if you are a classic player.

Also, here is my profile if you want to try beating my scores or challenging me in multiplayer sometime.

I believe that these demonstration videos of mine will help other players who are looking for ways to score higher and go far beyond what I can do. There are a few other videos on the internet but not nearly enough to make it clear how easy T spin doubles are to make.

Tetris Matrix Math

So I developed a sort of working model for how Tetris blocks can be represented as a 3 dimensional array. I am using structures in a C program to keep track of them. Theoretically this could be used in a tetris clone but it’s important to get all the math right first so I have a function that can print text to the console to get an idea of what it would look like.

Here are screenshots of my source code so far that has code for the T,L, and S blocks.

And here are some screenshots of the output of the program when run.

Why I Almost Never Finish Books

I am the kind of person who starts reading books and never finishes them. This is partly because of the types of books I read in the first place. Most of the books I start reading are about depressing subjects like religion, government corruption, transgender struggles, and books about veganism. The reason these are depressing is because they are all about problems which must be fixed. However, fixing these problems requires changing people. And I recently realized I don’t want to waste my time trying to change people because it doesn’t work, it stresses me out, and I don’t like it when people try to change me either.

I recently bought a book about growing roses. This will be the first time in a long time when I read a book that has nothing to do with the problems of humanity and instead could be educational and assist me in my new goal of trying to grow roses. Will I finish it? I don’t know, but I’ll write another post if I do.

I Do Computer Programming

I was struggling to think of what to write about but when I checked Facebook, it showed me a notification of an old video I created. I have the same video uploaded to my YouTube channel.

This video reminded me of all the computer programming I have done through the years. Now I don’t go around telling people that I’m a computer programmer, although I am, because they will think it’s a paid profession. The truth is that I’m not very good at it. I did create that video and some others with my programming skills. I got very much into graphics programming and was able to make some impressive things. However the reason I don’t consider myself much of a programmer is because of the fact that I’ve never been able to make my own video game. Believe me I have tried. I even had a pretty good start at one which can be seen in this video.

Does it look familiar? I had this bright idea that I would try to get into game programming by making my own Tetris clone. However my experiment failed miserably. Things started going very wrong and I got frustrated.

I do have some incredible programming books I have purchased throughout the years. I need to go back and review the fundamentals of the C programming language and also C++. I have done my best programming in C with a few side projects in Basic and Javascript. I never got very far when it comes to handling user input. Animations have been my primary thing because they are simpler. By no means am I a very skilled programmer but I have been able to piece a few cool example videos. I have a lot more on my Tiktok account.

Most of the videos were made by saving a series of frame images and then later encoded into videos using the command line tool ffmpeg. At the time I didn’t have a fast enough computer to actually run my program and record the result. I may be below average when it comes to programming skills and the memory to even look back at my own code and remember how it works, but I do hope people enjoy my videos because many of them are beautiful.

So I don’t call myself a programmer. No, I am an artist who seeks to create amazing things. Whether I am playing Minecraft, Terraria, Tetris, or Words with Friends, I am creating art by arranging things.

In fact I published a few books of my art years ago.

Maybe I will write more about my art in the future as I create new forms of art. And maybe I will even improve with the computer programming and make my own game. That feels like a dream that could never come true. But stranger dreams have happened before.