Audiobook Chandler’s Honesty Part 1

My audiobook of the first 3 parts of my story has been available since 10-21-2021. However people don’t really know much about it because I hadn’t spent the time to advertise it. However I decided to make the first part available completely free on YouTube, Facebook, and a few other platforms.

The idea is that if people can survive the first part, they can then proceed to buy the full audiobook which is 4 hours and 34 minutes and is available here:

I very much want people to listen to my story because I think it has the potential to help others who need healing from sexual abuse and/or struggle with gender identity or religious belief. It’s a long listen but I definitely think that it was worth the money to hired Alan Bruun to narrate it.

This book series is the single best way to understand who I am and also help me financially because I am on part time income but I have put everything I have into my story.

As of right now there are a total of 6 parts. 5 are published and 6 is a work in progress. If you’d like to read the books rather than listen, you can also do that on a wide variety of platforms and devices.

NullpoMino version 7.5.0 40 Line Sprint

I cleared 40 lines in 23.30 seconds. Thanks mega shake!

NullpoMino is a Java Tetris program which allows some very good customization features in the gameplay. In the future I may do a detailed explanation of how I cleared 40 lines so fast. But for now keep in mind that this program is the only offline Tetris game that I know of besides the Puyo Puyo Tetris series that can save replays. This allows me to play and then decide later to record a video of the replay.

Solution Finder Experiment

There is a Java program called solution finder which can find perfect clear solutions if it is fed an input field. I don’t know how to use it well because the documentation is in Japanese and the translate to English feature of chrome sometimes shows up and other times not, but I ran a test and found out there are actually 194 rather than 153 solutions to the 5th bag perfect clear of the ET cannon. However not all of them are as useful, I did however find a solution that I had not seen before and it looks cool.

The following is the text that I had in the field.txt file while running the command “sfinder path”.


And here are some screenshots.

ET Cannon Solutions Chastity List

This is my own personal list of bag 5 solutions to the ET cannon. Unlike Jimothy’s list, the first 7 one this page were chosen because I like the way they look rather than because they cover all situations. I added a few other solutions after then, some of which were on Jimothy’s list and some which were not but I saw on the original Japanese website where I found the list of 153 solutions.

Note that perfect 1 and 2 were also part of Jimothy’s list and are arguably the most common solutions I use in actual play.

These first 7 solutions are the ones where the pieces fit together without line clears. These look the best and cover most cases.

Perfect 1

Perfect 2
Perfect 21
Perfect 30
Perfect 53
Perfect 65

Perfect 71

However, as much as I like those solutions, there are special cases where none of them work. If the first pieces are O and S then they are all impossible. To correct this, I am adding a few more to my list of favorites.

Perfect 3

Perfect 3 works very well in the case of S being the first block. Additionally it has a small chance of allowing a T spin double which can make a huge difference in a VS game with the amount of garbage of that with a perfect clear shortly after.

Perfect 6

The reason perfect 6 is the ideal solution in this case is because it allows the S and O pieces to be placed but not block access to the Z piece. However this still requires that the T piece comes after Z. However if you had an early T piece, it would be the base for both S and O in the perfect 2 solution.

The next solution, perfect 12 is one that I accidentally did in real gameplay because I had put the I piece on the left as if I was doing perfect 3 but the other pieces were arranged as if I was doing the perfect 2 solution. This means that this solution can recover from this mistake. It also means that placing the T and I pieces in the same spot is a safe bet because it means from that point the solutions perfect 3 or perfect 12 can be used if you haven’t decided which solution to use yet.

Perfect 12

Another one that I really like is perfect 60. This is unlike any other solution I have found so far because it’s entirely possible to put the top part with J,L,I upside down and it also doesn’t make a difference if building the ET cannon in the reverse. If however you get an early J and I you would want to use perfect 1 because that would probably work best. Perfect 60 is useful when O and S are the first pieces.

The next solution, perfect 31 should not be used very often because it is risky, but I will include it because it also allows for the case where the orange L piece comes later. It also makes a t spin single possible which is good for showing off.

Perfect 60

Another solution that is most helpful is perfect 61. This is helpful because the O,S,L come first and they mess up the perfect 1 and 2 solutions that are my favorites.

Perfect 61

That is all for now, but this list may be added to as I need.

If you want an example of some serious use of the ET cannon I have this video I did in Puyo Puyo Tetris. I got 7 perfect clears and 98 lines before the pattern broke.

At a certain point the game gets too fast to continue with the ET cannon because the game goes too fast. But it does allow some crazy high scoring because of how T spins are rewarded. Afterwards it’s best to freestyle.

ET Cannon Jimothy’s List

This post contains pictures of all 13 of Jimothy’s solutions to the ET Cannon bag 5 as well as their reverse forms. This list was made for my quick reference but others may find it helpful.

See also Chastity’s list which I picked based on how cool they look.

Update: After I contacted Jimothy to thank him for this list, he told me that he didn’t feel right taking the credit for it because it was generated by a computer program and not hand picked as the Japanese website I found indicated at the time.

He gave me the link to this program which I will want to learn to use in the future for coming up with other perfect clears.

Perfect 1
Perfect 2
Perfect 3
Perfect 14
Perfect 23
Perfect 26
Perfect 28
Perfect 36
Perfect 39
Perfect 40
Perfect 41
Perfect 50
Perfect 61

The actual work of laying these out was done by me, Chastity White Rose. However the solutions were originally hand picked by the player Jimothy. If he is correct, then these solutions allow for 100% perfect clear when doing the ET cannon. I am the first to show the reversed form because there are times when it is required to built the opening backwards if your first two pieces are the S and T.

Also, it is possible, although rare, to get a perfect clear in the 3rd bag. This video shows how it is done.

It means the ET cannon loop stops after this point but it’s usually enough to KO an opponent anyway.

I also have a page with my own list which shows all 7 solutions where the pieces fit together perfectly without line clears.