Confused Virgin

Confessions of a Confused Virgin was my first book. I knew no one would take dating or marriage advice from a single virgin. However all authors have to start somewhere and this was a very funny book that some of my friends liked. The original edition had eight chapters. I’ve added a ninth chapter since then to explain how my views have changed between May 2013 and December 2015. I hope you enjoy it!

The funniest thing that has happened though is that now I have come to the conclusion that sex was not for me and that I have since taken a vow of celibacy and named myself Chastity White Rose. This is explained in full detail in my book “Chandler’s Honesty”.

But I am so glad that I wrote this book at the time I did because it allowed me to see that my feelings and beliefs changed over time and the moral of this story is that people can change and improve. That should give us all hope that we do not always have to be as we were.

The entire book is available to read for free on Smashwords.

But you can also order a paperback or buy the kindle edition on Amazon as well.

If you like this book and want more please buy my book: Chandler’s Honesty because it’s far newer and better quality in my opinion.