Chandler’s Honesty

Back in 2018 I began sort of a journal or diary of how I was feeling about many things. However this was in story form where I talk to a unicorn named Honesty. It is probably the most personal and disturbing story I have ever written because it is raw truth and does not filter out the emotions that most people would never publish to the world. However, it is the best thing my true friends can read who want to understand me better.

The first paperback book contains the above two parts and part 3. It is available on Amazon.

And an ebook is available on Smashwords.

This series of books now has a total of 5 published parts. They have been organized into a series on Amazon and Smashwords.

Book 1 contains parts 1, 2, and 3 of the story. Book 2 is part 4 and Book 3 is part 5. They can probably be read in any order and make some sense though reading from the beginning is best.