Chastity’s Game: Long Boi

This is a short clip of me running the program I wrote. Notice that the spinning triangle is movable. That’s because this game started out as the code of my OpenGL spinning polygon program and some of it remains. The left side of the screen is the Tetris field which is 16×16 instead of the standard 10×20.

This program was a lot of work and there are sure to be bugs in it still. I also need to add a scoring system. However I don’t want to turn it into a complete clone of Tetris or it would cease to be unique. There is only the I block which is also known as the Long Boi or Long Boy.

This is written in pure C using many functions for dealing with each part of movement and checking whether or not a block is attempting to move to where something already exists. OpenGL with glfw is used for all graphics except the fonts which use ftgl.

#programming #c #coding #opengl #tetris

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