National Coming Out Day

My roommate, River, informed me that October 11 is national coming out day. In celebration of this I thought I would share some happy moments we have had recently.

The checkerboard dress you see in these pictures was one I bought myself around the time of my 31st birthday when I came out as transgender for the first time. River and I were playing around with it and taking some memory pictures. It was a good time.

River and I are both transgender, but we go far beyond expectations of people and it’s important to not let people put us into a box of expectations. Not all trans people want or need the same things. If I had to describe being transgender in my own words, I would say that it is about not letting other people’s prejudice or the body you were born with define what person you are. That’s why people come out and live as their most Honest self, even though they are sometimes misunderstood. Years ago I didn’t know what all the talk about LGBT pride was about, but I do now.

Chastity in the Dress
River in the Dress
Chastity Spinning in the Dress

People see me in my daily life as I work my job. Some of them mistakenly think I am a “regular person”, but others know not to judge a book by its cover and that there is a much more fabulous person that only those who spend time with me in a judgement free zone can get to know. River lives with me and we see each other at our best and our worst. Never have I been so happy.

And today is also the day that we are celebrating River’s birthday. Tomorrow is his birthday but I will be working, so today is a most triumphant celebration! That is why we are so alive, so proud, and so gaaay!!!

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