Chastity’s Tetris Closers

If you’re an experienced Tetris player, you’ve probably heard about openings, which are what you do with the first few bags of pieces to set up your high scores or send garbage to your opponent in vs.

However, in my experience of using my favorite opener, the ET Cannon, I noticed that because it was a 14 line perfect clear and used the first 5 bags, it was possible to repeat the loop of ET cannon or even possibly use a different opening because it’s like the game is starting over with a clear playing field.

And then I made a discovery which will break my previous limits. I found the scoring chart for Tetris mobile, which also probably is the same as the Facebook Tetris.

For convenience I’ll copy and paste the score chart here so you can read it before I explain my next point.

Single Line Clear100 Points
Double Line Clear300 Points
Triple Line Clear500 Points
Tetris™ Line Clear800 Points
Mini T-Spin100 Points
Mini T-Spin Single200 Points
T-Spin400 Points
T-Spin Double1200 Points
T-Spin Triple1600 Points
Single Line Clear All Clear800 Points
Double Line Clear All Clear1200 Points
Triple Line Clear All Clear1800 Points
Tetris Line Clear All Clear2000
Back-To-Back Tetris Line Clear All Clear3200 Points
Soft Drop1 Point/Line Dropped Through
Hard Drop2 Points/Line Dropped Through

On top of that, you’ll also earn Back-To-Back bonuses if you do Tetris Line Clears or T-Spin Line Clears back-to-back, without clearing any other lines in between. The Back-To-Back bonus will give you an extra 50% of whatever you would have scored from that move in the first place.

This chart showed me that it actually makes a difference score wise which ET cannon solution I use to finish my perfect clears. So I went through the lists at this site.

Here are the perfect clears which can be finished with an I piece for a Tetris clear which is also a perfect clear.

So far those are the only 3 solutions I have found. For this reason they should be preferred unless they are impossible, in which case a different solution from Chastity’s list or Jimothy’s list should be used.

Also worth mentioning is the New DT Cannon which also can perfect clear with a Tetris but it’s not as easy to memorize nor is it 100% possible with all piece orders. However it is a lot faster to build on Mobile Tetris because it uses hard drops and only rarely soft drops. Some Tetris variants have slow softdrop speed while others allow you to customize it so that it is much faster.

I will keep finding new ways to score higher in Tetris and I pay share some videos and screenshots. For now, look at my highest score in Mobile Tetris.

I also did 8 perfect clears in a row in Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 before continuing freestyle to 1000 lines!

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