ET Cannon Solutions Chastity List

This is my own personal list of bag 5 solutions to the ET cannon. Unlike Jimothy’s list, the first 7 one this page were chosen because I like the way they look rather than because they cover all situations. I added a few other solutions after then, some of which were on Jimothy’s list and some which were not but I saw on the original Japanese website where I found the list of 153 solutions.

I also host a Solution Finder output file containing the same 153 solutions. They are not as organized as the other site but make a good backup in case it is down for some reason.

Note that perfect 1 and 2 were also part of Jimothy’s list and are arguably the most common solutions I use in actual play.

These first 7 solutions are the ones where the pieces fit together without line clears. These look the best and cover most cases.

Perfect 1

Perfect 2
Perfect 21
Perfect 30
Perfect 53
Perfect 65

Perfect 71

However, as much as I like those solutions, there are special cases where none of them work. If the first pieces are O and S then they are all impossible. To correct this, I am adding a few more to my list of favorites.

Perfect 3

Perfect 3 works very well in the case of S being the first block. Additionally it has a small chance of allowing a T spin double which can make a huge difference in a VS game with the amount of garbage of that with a perfect clear shortly after.

Perfect 6

The reason perfect 6 is the ideal solution in this case is because it allows the S and O pieces to be placed but not block access to the Z piece. However this still requires that the T piece comes after Z. However if you had an early T piece, it would be the base for both S and O in the perfect 2 solution.

The next solution, perfect 12 is one that I accidentally did in real gameplay because I had put the I piece on the left as if I was doing perfect 3 but the other pieces were arranged as if I was doing the perfect 2 solution. This means that this solution can recover from this mistake. It also means that placing the T and I pieces in the same spot is a safe bet because it means from that point the solutions perfect 3 or perfect 12 can be used if you haven’t decided which solution to use yet.

Perfect 12

Perfect 14 is quite common in actual gameplay because when O and L come early it is easy for me to remember.

The next solution, perfect 31 should not be used very often because it is risky, but I will include it because it also allows for the case where the orange L piece comes later. It also makes a t spin single possible which is good for showing off.

Perfect 31

Another one that I really like is perfect 60. This is unlike any other solution I have found so far because it’s entirely possible to put the top part with J,L,I upside down and it also doesn’t make a difference if building the ET cannon in the reverse. If however you get an early J and I you would want to use perfect 1 because that would probably work best. Perfect 60 is useful when O and S are the first pieces.

Perfect 60

Another solution that is most helpful is perfect 61. This is helpful because the O,S,L come first and they mess up the perfect 1 and 2 solutions that are my favorites.

Perfect 61

That is all for now, but this list may be added to as I need.

If you want an example of some serious use of the ET cannon I have this video I did in Puyo Puyo Tetris. I got 7 perfect clears and 98 lines before the pattern broke.

At a certain point the game gets too fast to continue with the ET cannon because the game goes too fast. But it does allow some crazy high scoring because of how T spins are rewarded. Afterwards it’s best to freestyle.

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