ET Cannon Jimothy’s List

This post contains pictures of all 13 of Jimothy’s solutions to the ET Cannon bag 5 as well as their reverse forms. This list was made for my quick reference but others may find it helpful.

See also Chastity’s list which I picked based on how cool they look.

Update: After I contacted Jimothy to thank him for this list, he told me that he didn’t feel right taking the credit for it because it was generated by a computer program and not hand picked as the Japanese website I found indicated at the time.

He gave me the link to this program which I will want to learn to use in the future for coming up with other perfect clears.

Perfect 1
Perfect 2
Perfect 3
Perfect 14
Perfect 23
Perfect 26
Perfect 28
Perfect 36
Perfect 39
Perfect 40
Perfect 41
Perfect 50
Perfect 61

The actual work of laying these out was done by me, Chastity White Rose. However the solutions were originally hand picked by the player Jimothy. If he is correct, then these solutions allow for 100% perfect clear when doing the ET cannon. I am the first to show the reversed form because there are times when it is required to built the opening backwards if your first two pieces are the S and T.

Also, it is possible, although rare, to get a perfect clear in the 3rd bag. This video shows how it is done.

It means the ET cannon loop stops after this point but it’s usually enough to KO an opponent anyway.

I also have a page with my own list which shows all 7 solutions where the pieces fit together perfectly without line clears.

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