Tetris ST Stacking Examples

ST Stacking is the hardest to learn method of playing Tetris but undoubtedly the highest scoring as well. Because it is complex, I am collecting the best resources for my own learning of it.

This first video is a Japanese guy explaining it. There are English subtitles and the visuals speaks for itself as a fine example of how ST Stacking is done.

Shocky wrote a 35 page guide to all the things they learned about ST stacking.

Shocky’s guide: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1oqu0zqANYqorEf3tRpWuoMQ8FIJPWCi13uJSjgjrvbA/mobilebasic

Here is my own personal best record.

And here is a nullpomino video I did of practicing ST stacking with frame by frame precision. That’s how it’s so fast.

The opening is the hardest part for me but I made these pictures of two convenient openings which will work for most first bags.

ST Opening A
ST Opening E

I will add to this page as I learn more of this technique.

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