Quest Diagnostics Frustration

Quest Diagnostics wanted me to fill out a survey of my experience. So I gave it to them including the following message.

I have had the most frustrating experience with Quest. First I received a bill in the mail over $1000.00 and I saw that my insurance information was outdated and I tried so hard to contact Quest and update my insurance. I contacted my doctor’s office and they got you updated with my insurance with Beazley which I get through my work paycheck deductions. I got mail from my insurance which said that I owe 139.71. I had to call my doctor’s office again just to get a phone number I could reach you at. Then I still got a machine instead of a person which said that I owed $517.42. I do not understand this discrepancy and your automated system is really screwed up. I had to fight long and hard to figure out how to pay my bill and I did go ahead and payed the $517.42 but I do not think I really owe this much based on the letters I got from my insurance company. Still, I want this to be over. However I really would like an apology or explanation of what the hell is happening here. I do occasional blood draws at my doctor’s office and I don’t understand why the charges are so outrageous.

Please contact me either at my email or call my cell phone 8163091267 so that someone can explain this and/or fix this error or at least explain it to me if I am incorrect about something. I will most likely be at work if you call today but please give me a number where I can actually talk to a person and not deal with phone automated systems. I am busy and don’t have time for this Bolshevik.
Please explain why the information I received from my insurance company differs from what your phone system and website says I owe. My claim numbers are 02171411-01 and 02171411-02 in the two letters I received are stating that my responsibility is $61.15 and $58.56. Together that makes $139.71 and not $517.42

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