Vaccine Death Report

I have not kept up with my writing goals recently. I have been much too busy with work and too depressed to do much else because of what is going on in the world.

Today I have been reading the Vaccine Death Report. The true numbers of how many people have died remains hidden for many reasons of ignorance, greed, and control by governments and companies who want to enslave humanity in ways never before possible.

I personally knew near the beginning of this pandemic that something was wrong. I highly suspected that the flu was being renamed to Covid. However I was also aware of the harms of already existing vaccines. People have died from various vaccines in the past and I think each person should be given informed consent about the risks vs. benefits of any choice they make about their own health.

I have kept most of my thoughts and feelings to myself about these topics for the past few years because I knew that nobody would believe me. I’m basically a nobody in society’s eyes. However I have come to a point where I can no longer stay silent. When I heard the news about Biden’s vaccine mandate, I quickly realized I could soon be put into a position where I lose my job for refusing the Covid vaccines. However my position is solid because there are issues I cannot move on no matter how much I am threatened.

I am a person who lives as an ethical vegan. I do not put things into my body that I consider to be morally or ethically wrong, including any food that has been obtained from any animal without their consent. No meat, dairy, eggs, or honey, or anything else that I am made aware of contains ingredients from animal bodies.

Additionally, I am a lifelong celibate. The literal reason why I chose the name Chastity White Rose was originally because I vowed to be a virgin for life and never have sexual intercourse. I define this as putting other people’s genitals into my body or the reverse. This is also for reasons of health, including physical, mental, and spiritual health.

So it’s no great surprise that I would not blindly accept vaccines into my body just because anyone tells me that I will be fired from my job if I refuse. Coercing people into doing something with their body or inserting things that they don’t want to is identical to rape. I do not consent to such things and I want to make this clear and only explain it once so that I can send this post to anyone who asks me about this.

However it’s also quite possible that if I do lose my job because of this mandate, then I will no longer be able to communicate with anyone. That’s why I choose this time to speak out sooner rather than later.

I have no desire to debate other people on whether we should be taking Covid vaccines or any other type of vaccine. My issue is the current lack of respect for people’s medical choices.

However my opinion on the matter is that if you were informed as I am of the possible injuries and death from these vaccines, you would not want to take them. I encourage you highly to read the Vaccine Death Report to see what information I am referring to.

There is also a lot of other information which I have seen and much of it is censored. Entire YouTube channels have been deleted because someone spoke out against the evils that the government and vaccine manufacturers have been doing to us.

Another good resource is this book: The Truth About Covid-19

I know many will call me a conspiracy theorist and make attempts to credit and censor me for sharing this information. But it’s not as if you listened to the things I said anyway. And some theories turn out to be true, which has been the case in the past.

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