The Strange World of Being an Adult

Life as an adult is quite complicated. I have been living in my own apartment since September 2019 and things were going very well for awhile and I wasn’t worried about finances. However things have changed since I lost the high paying job I had that allowed me to pay my rent and bills easily.

I love my current job a lot more than what I used to do and that’s good. However now it appears that I have medical bills I cannot pay and to complicate matters further, people have been trying to bill my previous insurance instead of my new insurance even though I made it clear that I have a new insurance that I pay for out of my paycheck that I haven’t had a chance to use yet because the claims for my lab tests and visit to the endocrinologist were billed to my old insurance which ended in April.

I also found out how bad my own teeth are and that I’m basically going to have to pay $1800 for a root canal and crown on a tooth or I’ll end up in so much pain that I’ll have to get it extracted.

So here I am in debt and worried about money. I was visiting my mom today to celebrate her birthday that was yesterday. While I was there, I was trying to make phone calls and figure out my finances.

Until finally I stopped myself and decided I’m going to have a good time with my mom no matter what shit happens.

And besides that, I may be in debt and have a bad right knee but I also realized that the only reason I’m worried about my finances and bills is because I don’t want to lose the fabulous life I have. I have my mom, my roommate, and I still could never be in as much pain as I was back when I still had my testicles. I have achieved a happiness I never thought I would have at this point. So I am focusing on what I do have rather than what I don’t.

And if I end up with no teeth to eat with, I can always drink vegetable juice. It tastes good.

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