I’m a Tetris Addict

I have played many video games over the years and yet there is one type of game so simple yet incredibly addicting that I keep playing. The game is Tetris. The concept seems easy enough but few practice to the point where they can react to the blocks falling at the speed they do in higher levels. I record videos of my Tetris plays and I keep improving. Once I played Tetris Marathon so long that I had a much higher score than anyone else in Independence Missouri.

As it turns out, there is a lot more strategy than just clearing lines. There are different play modes and different methods depending on which mode you are doing. If playing a mode where the goal is to score as high within a time limit, then dropping blocks into place fast is top priority. However, if the goal is to score high and there is no time limit, it makes sense to try for clearing 4 lines at a time, or even the legendary T spins, which are notoriously hard to do but score lots of points.

And then there is competitive Tetris which involves sending garbage lines to your opponents so that they top out and lose. Tetris has become a serious sport by this point and there are even yearly official competitions.

I see Tetris as a metaphor for life. We are faced with unpredictable things which we have to somehow fit together into our lives. We’re all connected in this life. Don’t you forget it!

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