Words with Friends

My roommate got me into playing the game Words with Friends. I’m not normally into work games but I got addicted to trying to make the highest scoring words I can. I even did some google searching to find the highest possible word score that has ever been done.

It appears that the highest scoring word in Words with Friends is oxyphenbutazone.It is the name of a drug that is no longer used because it caused too many problems.

The Facebook version allows only 11 letter words because the board is 11. The app for Words with Friends 2 however allows 15×15 boards and that must be how the person in this screenshot must have been able to play it. Still it’s extremely rare to happen.

There are actually multiple Words with Friends apps and I don’t know the difference between them. However the only one that is normally playable from a computer is the one built into Facebook. For that reason my goal is to play 11 letter words!

Because each player can have only 7 letters per turn, it takes some real luck getting the letters you need to pull of the really big words.

But sometimes even short words can score very high. My roommate played Biz for 122 points! That’s because the Z was on a triple letter score and the B was on triple word score. The placement of the tiles makes a huge difference. I know if I keep working at it I will beat even my roommate which is like the Words with Friends champion of the people I know.

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