The Pet Ants in Our Apartment

Recently we have had ants come in through the window in the kitchen somehow. We feed them fruit and other things. There are a lot of them but they are completely harmless.

They stay in the kitchen and eat what we give them and never bother us. So we don’t mind sharing our abundant food with them.

My roommate calls himself the ant daddy and gives them things daily. We are both vegan and believe in the equality of all animals so it’s really quite normal for us to do this. Spiders we try to remove because they cause us harm by biting us, and could also be a threat to our pet ants. Yet we don’t intentionally kill them and just try to remove them and take them outside.

I think that little things like this show that veganism changes us in ways that is not easily understood by many. Respecting the smaller life forms is no different that what I want people to do for me. I want people to respect who I am. I am a life form just like those ants. I am bigger and look very different but I have a soul just like them. I know this and have been exploring this philosophically and think about it daily.

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