Mary’s Lamb

“Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go
But one day Daddy came along
and took her lamb away
He cut its throat, and served it up
For lunch on Easter day
When Mary heard she was distraught
and couldn’t keep from crying
Now every time she closed her eyes
She pictured her lamb dying
But when she asked her Daddy why
He said ‘Don’t be so rude’
‘It’s what we do you silly girl…
sit down and eat your food’
‘But that’s not food, that is my friend’
said Mary with a cry
I loved him and he loved me back
And he didn’t want to die
But Daddy wouldn’t listen
to his caring little daughter
He told her ‘we’ve got canines’
So it must be right to slaughter
And he didn’t try to understand
Why Mary wouldn’t eat
He told her she was ‘too extreme’
And that we ‘needed meat’
But Mary knew that wasn’t true
And never ate meat again
Instead she lives a healthy life
on fruit, and veg, and grains
All kids are born like Mary
with a wisdom that’s innate
But then we teach them to believe
it’s right to kill and hate
So on this Easter weekend
If you plan to celebrate
It’s always worth remembering
that peace starts on your plate”

This post was copied from Poffo’s Facebook post.

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