Chandler’s Honesty Part 4: A Horse in the Night

Part 4 of the unicorn story is available for sale for $3 on Smashwords.

And Amazon.

I believe it can be enjoyed standalone but also makes a lot more sense for someone who has already read the first 3 parts in the original book.

Check out the Chandler’s Honesty page on my blog to read the first 2 parts for free on my blog. The story of how I met Honesty the unicorn is rather interesting and quite personally transforming. The cover image that shows on Smashwords and on Amazon is a variation of the first book cover combined with my midnight rainbow picture from years ago. The subtitle “A Horse in the Night” is a parody of “A Thief in the Night” which symbolizes how Honesty came into my life when I least expected at the lowest most depressing points in my life and acted as a therapist to help me process my emotional trauma.

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