Sunday Podcast of 2-7-2021

I recently did a livestream with many guests. It was one of our best so far and I have made it available on multiple platforms.

The secret of how videos like this are possible is because I recently discovered a new livestreaming service. Streamyard allows me to have shows that are streamed live and people can comment on them while they are being streamed and recorded. It’s now the fastest way to get a message out in video form and I am slowly learning how to use it.

At this time I am concerned about free speech and I do not like that posts are being deleted because they don’t agree with the political views of social media platforms. You may have heard about what happened to force Parler to be shut down. I want to give people a way to speak who may be unable to otherwise. If you have an unpopular opinion and are shut down when you try to write or speak about it, let me know and maybe you can be a future guest on my show that I normally plan to be doing on Sunday nights when I am home.

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