The Good, the Bad, the Pretty

The Good

I have much to be happy about in life in general. I published my recent book: “Chandler’s Honesty” which explains more about my life than anything I have ever written or said in my videos. I also have a new computer and it is far faster than any machine I have ever had. My excellent friend in England bought it for me so that I can play Minecraft with him in good quality and other modern games. I also hope to use it to start recording my video podcasts that I do usually once a week.

The Bad

I am back at work now but even after two months since my injury my right knee is still hurting. I am very afraid of losing my job if I can’t make quota at work. But more than that I want to avoid reinjuring myself. I may have to get another job and this is possibly the worst time in history to be switching jobs because of this Covid-19 nonsense. I don’t want to have to change jobs but I know I don’t have the knees I had when I started this job 2019. Shelving is a real knee killer and I understand why so many people quit this job. But I don’t give up easily and I will work smarter rather than harder.

The Pretty

Although things are sometimes bad and I am in a financial mess, I believe I have important work to do with my writing and podcasts. I am trying to promote my books as much as possible and record podcasts with important people so that I am making the best use of my time however much or little there is. And at least I am recovering with my knee injury and I feel generally very good and healthy. Even more so since the lack of testosterone in my system has made me feel emotionally calmer even though I still have times of stress about my job. I am happy about everything else except my financial situation but I am hopeful because I have been in worse situations than this but found a way to make life better.

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