The Testicle Testimony Part 2

I had my orchiectomy after a long fight of trying finding a doctor willing to do it. After Andrew Wright refused to help me, the psychologist who had written my referral letter then referred me to Hospital Hill KC Urology clinic. It was there on 7-16-2020 that I met Dr. Hadley Wyre. He listened to my story and was willing to help me. We scheduled surgery for 9-17-20 and I was feeling pretty good. However it was during this time that the Covid-19 lockdowns and mask mandates were happening. My work performance suffered because I could not breath enough oxygen while required to wear a mask. I was afraid of getting fired because of this and was in a real panic mode for those two months before surgery that I would not be able to get the surgery done if I lost my job and health insurance, or if I tested positive for Covid and had to delay it.

It was good news that I had a doctor willing to help me but I often am very scared of things going wrong. However, if those things I feared had happened, you would not be reading this. I had my surgery and I am slowly recovering. I am very happy with the way I feel and although I have my financial concerns because of the work I am missing while on leave, I try to remember that I overcame the biggest obstacle I have experienced in my life. There is very little left to be afraid of.

And speaking of fear, I know that many fear death, but I do not. There are worse things than death. Living in constant pain as I was caused me to want to die. However I am glad I did not die then and that I still had time left to tell you my story. Many people are too afraid to talk about testicles and do not want to hear my testimony, but I will not stay silent when people like me are in pain and cannot receive the help they need. People should be able to get the surgeries they need for their body whether their reasons for doing the surgery are because of physical pain or emotional pain.

When a man has testicular cancer and has an orchiectomy, people feel sorry for him. When he is in pain either because they hurt or because he hurts emotionally because of sexual abuse memories or gender dysphoria, people expect him to snap out of it and just pretend to be OK and “man up”. There is a deep sexism against men that most of them are too afraid to talk about, but I am not.

As I continue with my life, I plan to keep a watch for others who experience similar problems to what I did. Hopefully I can help someone else someday with my story.

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