9-21-20 Orchiectomy update

It is day 4 since I had my orchiectomy and I am at my mom’s place recovering well. However it turns out that I wasn’t sown together with stiches. I was basically glued together. Although I feel normal, I have to remember that I can’t squat down nor try to lift huge things because I risk breaking the glue open and bleeding if I overdo it and stretch the skin too far it would be deadly. I can’t sit down in a chair either or Im sitting directly on it. So I lay on my belly or back and talk to my mom and watch funny stuff on the TV I bought her a few weeks ago.
I will lose some income because I can’t go back to work yet. But the great part is that this is a one time thing. The testicles are gone and as far as I know I have no life threatening things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or any of that. I don’t expect to be having any more surgery in my life if I can help it.
For the past two years I was in extreme pain from restricted blood flow,dead veins, and twisted spermatic coords.
In fact the pain was getting so bad that I was seriously having bad thoughts about castrating myself with my sharpest knife to end the pain, which would not have worked because I would have simply died of blood loss and shock. But that is how bad the pain was and the pain I had after surgery was still less than what I was experiencing before.
So I worked my butt off trying to work my job and save money and vacation hours. The hardest part was trying to pretend that I was ok at work when I was in major pain and could not really talk about it nor do anything about it.
Dr. Hadley Wyre really saved my life and gave me relief from my pain and now I have a feeling things will be alright. I just overcame the hardest struggle I ever went through. I went to so many urologists who did not take me seriously and expected me to live with the pain or just accused me of making up the pain and assuming that I only wanted my testicles removed because of gender dysphoria.
It would have been nice if I had received help years sooner than I did. I’m only where I am because of the company Brillient giving me a full time job with excellent health insurance and the fact that Hadley Wyre is a nice urologist who actually listened to my needs and did what I asked without policing my decisions of what I wanted done or questioning my identity. And also many thanks to Psychologist Ryan Cox who referred me to Hospital Hill KC Urology clinic.
I also want to thank all my coworkers for putting up with my crankiness without understanding what was wrong with me. Thanks to my best friends who were there for me in my most difficult moments.

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