Life/Recovery Update 9-28-2020

Here is an official update on how I’m feeling. I am mostly back to the way I was before surgery except that if I squat it pulls on the skin where the incision is and breaks the glue. If I walk far my underwear rubs on it and can cause it to bleed. So for these reasons I stay home and don’t usually wear anything down there so nothing can rub and hurt it. But aside from that I feel good and have lots of food I can eat and lots of fruit juice and soy milk to drink. I’ll just be staying home most of the time and computer programming or playing Super Mario Galaxy. Still I’m super bummed out about missing work because it’s still a loss of income and I have to transfer money from my other bank accounts so I can pay rent/bills. But it’s worth it because I’ve never felt better. Now I’m pain free and have my adult life in my apartment and a good job to go back to when I am ready.

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