A very good friend asked me the most interesting questions recently.

“Chastity please describe what you find cool about femininity

do you like the clothes? do you like girly things like unicorns and wish you was a princess?

do you wish some fantasy things from fictions like MLP were real?

and more to the point, is it feminine traits like compassion and kindness you value most?

do you think all people should embrace femininity male or female?”

And I have so much to say about this.

I like all of the things that have traditionally been associated with things female or feminine. I like the comfortable clothes, long hair, being a princess or unicorn and also the kindness and compassion.

My Little Pony has the elements of harmony which are the personality traits that all of us should have.

However it’s commonly assumed that all the positive things are for girls and included in their cartoons. The cartoons targeted to boys are about violence and beating the shit out of each other. I think that you could compare Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon to get an idea of how it is in anime.

These ideas that:



female=kind,healing,life giving

Are embedded everywhere in human society. I have seen it all my life in movie, cartoons, video games, etc.

And if you take the Powerpuff Girls cartoons it has some violence but it also spends half the time with characters learning moral lessons. It has a fair mix of both styles whereas My Little Pony has violence only in very rare cases and usually only against super villains who are later blasted with a rainbow and turned into friends.

But the overall idea is that making friends and being kind, honest, loyal, or generous are things that girls do. And why do they do these things more often than boys? Because that is what they are being taught is okay to do.

But as soon as a male tries to be a good person then people wonder what’s wrong with him and why he’s not a real man.

And if he wants to wear women’s clothes then they really think he’s sick in the head. Meanwhile women can now wear pants without anyone noticing.

This world is very messed up. The idea that you can only be a virtuous person if you were born with a vagina is an idea that needs to be forgotten.

And females can certainly be evil too, but at least they usually look fashionable while doing it.

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