Causes of LGBT

As most people probably know, our chromosomes are part of our DNA and determine how our bodies grow and develop. This includes the brain and there are many chromosome variations including Klinefelter syndrome where someone has two X and 1 or even sometimes two Y chromosomes.

But aside from our genes, our organs produce certain hormones and the food we eat even changes them. The most famous hormonal change is pregnancy in women and all the changes it causes.

But if anything happens to a man’s testicles then they could lose the testosterone that gives them their sexual desire. There are so many books and videos on testosterone I suggest searching google or YouTube about the hormones testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

The ratio of hormones can even change whether some gains or loses weight or even things like breast size or sperm count.

My theory is that those who are LGBT have some environmental or genetic cause for them being different from the cisgender and heterosexual majority. This is based on so many videos I’ve listened to and books and articles I have read.

And also research the connection between klinefelter and autism.

There probably has never been an actual scientific study of the causes of what makes people gay or transgender. I could be wrong but I doubt anyone would fund such a study.

The majority of humans in the world are religious and belong to Abrahamic religions that teach that people choose to be gay or transgender and that it’s a horrible sin. This requires the belief in free will which is an obvious lie that only people with no scientific knowledge or real world experience can actually believe.

But regardless of the cause, we live in a world where people have different sexual and romantic orientations and gender identities. It’s not going away as long as the human race continues.

And after the Catholic Church lost the control that enabled them to kill all the gays or atheists, society was forced to face this reality and not pretend we don’t exist.

The world is changing and in this way it is for the better. I don’t anyone can stop this change and even if they did, it would only be a person who wanted to erase LGBT people from existence.

I on the other hand welcome this change because honestly I’m sick of the human race and anything that reduces the number of heterosexual people procreating is a good thing.

I would not be producing a celibacy podcast if I didn’t believe this.

On a related note, I recently got this in my email because I am subscribed to Atheist Republic.

All the things I promote and all the things I’ve been educating myself about online all have a common goal. To break society free of religious oppression and reduce the population.

Humans have been the ultimate plague on this planet, murdering billions of innocent animals and causing climate change.

And it’s for this reason that I vowed celibacy and named myself Chastity. It is truly selfish to create new humans into this world both because of the suffering they will endure and the suffering they will inflict on others.

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