One of my biggest flaws is that I’m a perfectionist. I always try to do things right and get heartbroken when I inevitable fail.

The benefit is that whatever I do I try a lot harder than other people. I have greater motivation than other people and it’s terribly obvious in all things. Whether at work, playing video games, computer programming, or considering important life decisions, I want everything to be the best.

And people can argue forever about the concept of perfect and whether it even exists, but I personally think it does. It only makes sense in the context of a certain goal which must be achieved.

If there is a task that must be done or that you want to do, then you do it, then perfection is achieved.

However there is a dangerous trap that I fall into. Comparing myself to others who can do something faster than me or who can achieve things that I currently cannot.

And many times I have made this mistake. Comparing myself to coworkers, other programmers, other vegan activists, and also humans both men and women but in different ways.

And what people don’t realize is that I’m incredibly self aware. Only I know my thoughts and feelings about things. But what I’ve learned is that comparing myself to others is a great flaw in itself that does not actually help me achieve things but only makes me feel bad.

So if you ever see me comparing myself to other people, kindly remind me of what I have said here. I don’t wish to spend my life worrying about whether I’m as good as someone else. It’s irrelevant because I will never be them, I can only be myself.

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