Graphics Goals

I may not have time to work on my programming until I’m moved but I come up with quick ideas all the time. I’m thinking of using languages such as Java and C# to write conversion programs for my image formats. I have basic experience with Java and have read much about C#. These languages already have support for popular image formats like PNG and JPEG as part of their standard libraries. They could be used as a quick method of having a conversion program that people could use until I learn more C tricks to enable me to convert between my BBM, BGM, and BPM formats.

Though I’m not sure if anyone actually cares enough about the image formats I’m creating. But even if not, it’s a great way to learn more programming.

That’s because graphics programming is a little bit different than writing text based utilities or video games. It requires enough understanding of a language to know how to read and write files and to seek to specific offsets to get and set the various variables needed to read, write, or display an image.

What all graphics files seem to have in common is the width, height, and bits per pixel. In addition to this they may differ slightly in what bits and bytes represent. They may be Red, Green, and Blue(RGB) in that order or they could have the primary colors arranged in some other order such as BGR or GBR.

And monochrome images may have zero represent black and one represent white, or they may have it just the opposite. Interestingly the BMP and TIFF formats can do either.

I’ve got so much knowledge about computer graphics in my head that I could easily give a speech on the pros and cons of the most popular formats used on the internet today and which types of compression they allow.

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