BBM update

Recently I created a project on sourceforge about my Binary Bit Map library. My project includes several goals.

0. Create my own image format.
1. Create useful functions to allow me to draw pixels and basic patterns to my images.
2. Write a conversion tool that non programmers could still use that converts between my format and others.

As far as goal 0, I did previously create my own image format and even wrote a very large text file detailing it. However I ran into some problems.

First, I tried to save space by not adding any padding at the end of a row of pixels. This meant that my files were smaller than other uncompressed formats but the space saving was such a small difference that it added tons of complexity for saving a few bytes. It wasn’t worth writing a totally different function. I may consider changing this.

As far as goal 1, I already have many good functions I’ve written and have the means to draw pixels anywhere and save the arrays to several popular image formats. However I’m lacking a few things. I don’t yet have a way to drawn text, lines, or polygons on them. Previously I did so using SDL or Allegro but I really don’t want my code to depend on the overly complicated libraries that change and are not easy to install and set up. It defeats the purpose of trying to write my own graphics library.

And for goal 2, there is much work to be done before I can consider my own format to be final and write viewers or converters for it. However it occurred to me that when that time comes, I could try writing them using other libraries or even other programming languages. It may be the subject of a book.

I also created a logo for my project. It’s not fancy but it gets the point across of what it’s about.

My focus has been on monochrome Bitmaps because of their simplicity and beauty. Some images fit into my project well and others don’t. It’s an art form of itself trying to see what can be created in the limitations of black and white.

Here is the animated version.


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