To the people who are considering going vegan to reduce the destruction of the Amazon forest, don’t bother because that’s just going into it with a selfish mindset. Only when humans become concerned about what happens to them because of climate change and environmental issues do they take action.

If you didn’t care about the billions of animals artificially bred just to spend their lives in crowded prisons before being killed because you don’t bother to eat plants like the horses, gorillas, and elephants having been doing, don’t pretend to care about the destruction of all life on the planet.

Sooner or later it will happen. Yeah the trees will be destroyed and we’ll run out of oxygen or perhaps the bees will go extinct and most crops that depend on them will disappear too. At the rate humans are destroying and polluting things, I highly doubt that even if all the humans magically all changed and did everything right, it’s probably too late to reverse the damage. We’ve already gone too far and there are too many humans all playing their part in the destruction.

And hey I’m not here to pretend that vegans don’t also damage the environment in certain ways. I personally do the best I can to avoid damage. Aside from not buying animal products, I also use reusable bags and I am moving to independence so that I don’t even have to rely on cars from Uber and Lyft. But even I have to pee and poop and it all goes who knows where. We all produce waste and we are all forced through taxation to pay for things our governments decide to do which further pollute or cause the deaths of plants and animals. Vegans do the best we can but nobody can cause zero harm. The point never was perfection. We just do the best we can and improve as we learn more.

No, the point of veganism was to do the best that we can to avoid causing the unnecessary pain or death of the animals that are obviously suffering similarly to how we would if we were in their place. And yes we should care about the ecosystem as a whole and the plants that are required for all animals to live.

I try to make this point clear but I KNOW I am not a good communicator. There are others much better than I and I know some of them can be more helpful for those of you who are transitioning to veganism.

All I ask is that you do your own searching on google,amazon, or whatever other method you prefer to learn why people go vegan. Don’t take my word for it, because honestly I don’t want to explain it. I want to go on to other things and enjoy my short life, however long it may be before either I die or we all die together after the world is destroyed.

And I can tell you, although I have little time to say much of anything, I will continue to promote veganism in my own way. Not because I’m any good at it but because I’m apparently the only one in this whole damn town who cares enough. My online Vegan friends are the only people I trust anymore.

But the rest of the people just accuse me of being preachy, annoying, judgemental, or elitist. And I want to put these rumors to rest, they are true.

Yes at times I am all these things. But today I’ll tell you that I am ok with that because the alternative is to be a liar. I cannot pretend to be one of those people who kisses your ass and tells you that I fully accept your actions. Do I accept you as a person? Yes. Do I accept your actions which are harmful? No. Learn the difference.

If you followed me for a good length of time you’ll know that I do my best to follow the Golden rule and treat others the way I want to be treated.

And when I tell you that you are a hypocrite for grieving over the death of other humans or your pet dogs or cats while you stuff murdered cow, pig, and chicken into your face, I’m only telling you what someone once told me.

They told me I was a hypocrite because I was against abortion unless I was also vegan. And they were right. I couldn’t argue against that one nor could I find a reason to say it’s ok to kill one type of animal but not another. That person changed my life and set off a chain of events that forced me to rethink my entire life and ethics.

I became Vegan and also rejected the immoral religion of Christianity in which people are cruel but believe themselves good people because they have the right beliefs based on ancient books. These steps also helped me think clearly and realize my identity as an asexual transgender woman, which affects me in minor ways but is not important when compared to the ethical standards of why I am vegan.

I came to see that we are all of equal value. The color of our skin, our genitals, or our species have nothing to do with the value of our lives. We should not discriminate because someone looks different and decide to kill them. Racism, sexism, and speciesism must end. I reject them because they are all the same thing.

And if I offend you with something I said, then I hope it leads you on a similar journey to improve. So go home and rethink your life, hypocrite.

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