Name Change Thoughts

Over the past year I have slowly been changing my name on my online accounts and in all my video games.

Interestingly enough, Facebook seems to be the one site that doesn’t allow someone to enter a new name any time they wish. Instead someone has to fill out a request form and provide a valid legal form of ID. This of course means that I can’t change my name on Facebook unless I did change it legally.

Not worth the hassle right now but the day may come when I do change it legally. Of course there is still much time to decide if it matters enough to change it.

I have nothing against my birth name except that it brings back bad memories. My middle name is copied from the Isaac in the Bible because my mom believes I am a miracle child. My last name Klebs means clover but also forever ties my to my father’s side of the family.

And most importantly, my first name Chandler is an awesome name and literally refers to someone who made candles.

But at the same time I am very sick of people bringing up Chandler Bing from the TV show Friends. I also do not like the fact that parents choose the name of their children.

Sometimes a change of name is a good idea after a person is an adult and knows what they believe and what their life is about.

And so I am considering eventually changing my name legally when the time is right. I just know that it’s not the right time now.

Until then, I have extensive proof through my programming animations and thousands of screenshots that I have been using my new name: Chastity White Rose

Not that anybody really cares of course with the exception of my friends who call me Chastity out of respect.

And I think it’s fair to mention that Sarah Dellheim first suggested that name because I’m a Virgin. Thanks Sarah!

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