Checkerboard Programming Rant

Apparently I have mastered the art of drawing checkerboards and even the gingham pattern with the C Programming Language. Such a thing could serve as the “Hello World” of graphics programming.

But what I need to do is get back to reading my programming books and get a more full understanding of the C and C++ languages themselves. Mostly I’ve just been messing around with my existing knowledge to create strange animations.

One goal I have in mind would be to write a book that specifically details how a checkerboard is made with a programming language. It is theoretically possible to do it in any programming language but requires a means to turn the array of pixels into a valid image file.

The SDL library is absolutely perfect in how it allows low level pixel access on a surface and comes with a function to save the surface to a BMP file.

And SDL is only one of many graphics libraries. There are hundreds of others and knowing how to draw pixels to an image is essential no matter which of them is used.

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