Dating apps are funny

Dating apps are funny

Recently I’ve been experimenting with dating apps. The goal is to hopefully find more vegans and maybe even some LGBT type people too.

However it’s very awkward for someone who has never in the past tried any kind of dating whether in person or online.

Because of my commitment to veganism and celibacy obviously I’m not going to end up having a romantic or sexual relationship with somebody but I thought maybe I could find more friends locally with similar minds to mine.

But the results are hilarious! I have different apps on my phone and they lets me swipe through all kinds of pictures of people. I don’t really care what they look like but some of them are cute and some have a face that even a mother couldn’t love.

I doubt anything will come of it especially since they force you to pay a subscription fee to message people. I tried to put my email address on there so they can talk to me with no restrictions.

The problem is that the people who run the services don’t want me doing this because they are greedy for money.

So far I have not found even one vegan in my area on the vegan dating apps. There are a few transgender people in my town but I’m not paying a $9.95 fee to message somebody who will probably think I’m a creepy stranger.

There are LGBT dating apps and they are funny because you have no idea what the biological sex of anybody is and that’s the best part because I don’t want to know anyway.

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