Dumb Humanity

That is a terrible idea banning vasectomies. I am anti-abortion and that means I support anything that helps prevent pregnancy in the first place so there will be fewer abortions.


What I wrote above the link is also what I commented on that video but I have much more to say as well.

As someone who has been a single virgin for 31 years, I will never as long as I live understand why more people do not remain celibate who don’t want children at least until they are able to get sterilized to make sure it doesn’t result in unwanted pregnancies.

Like really? People would rather take the risk of producing a child by doing the ONE thing in the entire world (penis in vagina sex) with the mindset that they’ll murder it after they created it.

People think I’m weird for saying this but seriously, is this supposed to be the world full of idiotic humans that were supposedly made in the “Image of God” and “Intelligently Designed”?

And people wonder why I want the human race to go extinct. Yeah I do want to extinction of the human race, but not by murder. We have other options.

And look I may not care about politics and I haven’t voted in years but I’ll tell you, if there are politicians running for office who will support gay and transgender rights and also the right to have sterilization surgery then tell me and I just might go out and vote for

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