Other vaccination problems

Although I am against vaccines primarily because of the animal ingredients and use of animals for the production or testing of vaccines, I have other issues with them. Even if vaccines were vegan I would never consent to vaccination if there was any way out of it.

If pro-vaxxers had their way, we would all be forced to be vaccinated which is identical to rape because it means injecting viruses into people’s bodies without their consent.

And there is no logic in objecting diseases into yourself to prevent those diseases. And it gets worse! The people who are vaccinated blame the unvaccinated for getting them sick!

The level of stupidity I see among most pro-vaccination people is second only to the things I see carnists say routinely.

People have the right to vaccinate themselves and their own children and yet they get one of the diseases the vaccines were supposed to protect them from, and then they blame the people who did not receive the vaccines for getting them sick.

If vaccines make you immune to a disease then unvaccinated people can’t give you that disease!

So you can vaccinate yourself but don’t you dare tell me I’m obligated to be vaccinated. If you get sick from the disease you chose to be injected with, that’s your problem.

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