Black and White Brain

Black and White Brain

People accuse me of thinking only in black and white. This is true. Everything is black and white to me. I see everything in terms of two states. Any serious computer programmer knows that all things can be represented as a series of bits either being zero or one. The full spectrum of colors is almost always represented as 24 bits. 8 bits for each of the 3 primary colors Red, Green, and Blue.

You can’t of course represent much with only one bit, but when many of them are combined, everything in the computer world you have ever seen, including all the video games still depends on this binary system.

I even have a system that explains gender in binary, but as far as I know, I am the only one who believes in it. I do not believe there is one but representing either male or female. No, there are many bits required just to represent the identity of anyone.

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