I like to name myself

My mom gave me another speech about how she doesn’t like the name Chastity and that it sounds like titty. She told me never to change my name legally.

I don’t expect her to get the significance of the name to me but I told her that I have no plans of changing it legally because I’m too lazy to learn to sign my name differently.
I have nothing against my name Chandler in fact I quite like it, but I also feel that it’s the name that she gave me because she liked it. Children are stuck with whatever name their parents decide to give them. People should be able to name themselves whatever they want when they are older and decide what describes them best.
In my video games I give myself all kinds of names. I always do Chastity if 8 characters are allowed. If I’m limited to 7 I use Unicorn. If I’m limited to 4 I do Pony.
I explained to my mom that I am a female unicorn trapped in a male human’s body.

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