Evolution and Creationism debates

I think that one downside to Evolution being taught and promoted is that then people falsely assume that Evolution has a relation to whether people are Christians or Atheists.

What nonsense. People had infinitely many different beliefs before Evolution became popular and long before Darwin or Lamarck came along.
And if Evolution was somehow “disproven”(what would that even mean?), it doesn’t give people any reason to pick Christianity as the religion to believe anymore than Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism.
But the problem is that people can’t think outside the binary of Christianity or Atheism anymore than they are able to think outside the binary of male or female.
People will of course keep fighting legal battles over which theories will be taught in schools because everyone is fighting for control over what children are forced to believe. It’s all child abuse either way.
And I believe the primary motivation is financial. What people believe makes a difference in where they spend their money. Take money out of society and I don’t think we would see nearly the controversial debates that we currently do.

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