Why Transition?

Why Transition?

I decided I wanted to write an explanation of why I think transgender people feel the need to transition in such ways such as changing their name, legal gender, or change their bodies through hormones and/or surgery.

I could be totally off in my reasoning but I think it’s about safety and simplifying relationships. At least this is what it is in my own experience.

Safety: Because some people may commit violence towards people who don’t conform to societal expectations of them because of their biological sex, this provides motivation to change their appearance to match the biological sex so that they are not as noticed and can blend in. For example there are people who have negative attitudes about men who watch My Little Pony. Even such a small thing as this can send some people into a rage. One person accused me of being a pedophile because they saw pictures of characters from MLP that I shared on Facebook. Biological men are more commonly accused of being a sexual predator than a biological female and they are allowed to like girly cartoons or wear dresses. I don’t like people’s attitude of what a man should like or the assumption that a man is automatically dangerous and to be feared.

Simplicity: I also believe that it can simplify friendships and probably sexual or romantic relationships. I don’t want people to only be interested in me because I appear male, nor the opposite for that matter. But the main thing is that I would prefer to form relationships after I am established in my identity rather than make friends only to lose them later because they don’t like me to change.

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