You can’t save my soul

Recently it seems I’ve had Christians trying to save my soul. I don’t know what the deal is. First I get preached to by a lady I used to know at Walmart, then I have a customer and even a co-worker at Hy-Vee telling me Jesus loves me. I can’t respond to that properly in public but here is my response.

  1. I have no proof that there is a Jesus.
  2. I don’t care if Jesus does love me. If he doesn’t love the animals and isn’t a vegan then his love is worthless to me.
  3. If you think that telling a vegan transgender atheist that Jesus loves them is gonna make them a Christian again you don’t know how the world really works. I’m too far gone at this point and I know your religion and god are worthless.

My Christian friends who are worried about my soul need to worry about their own soul if such a thing exists. Nearly all the Christians I knew growing up never had the slightest clue that there was anything wrong with killing and eating these animals but I came to see it and was very sad that I hadn’t had somebody to teach me real ethics and about going vegan sooner.

And my mother knew nothing either. Why did she learn about veganism from her atheist child? Why didn’t god reveal this to her so that she didn’t go vegan till she’s over 60?

These are the answers I’ve thought about deeply.

1. This god people claim to have a relationship doesn’t exist.

2. This god exists but just doesn’t care anything about the animals who are murdered by the billions.

Whichever option you pick doesn’t matter. Either way it doesn’t help the situation to believe that god loves you. I wouldn’t want love from a god that orders or simply allows the incomprehensible torture and murder that humans do to the animals both human and non human.


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