Chaste Font

My font library now works completely and is a separate github repository.

My latest update includes a function which can draw scaled fonts which allows for the blocky retro font characters no matter how big they are.

I have used this font library in my games Chaste Tris and Chaste Puyo but I finally separated the code from those games into a small demo that shows that I can draw my fonts at any size now.

I could also add more fonts if I find particularly good ones but for now the one with the characters typically seen in DOS,QBASIC,and certain modes of FreeBASIC is one of my favorites.

The font is nothing more than an image file containing all the characters. I wrote my own functions for using it because I want to port it to other libraries such as SDL if I ever am using them for a project. But currently it is implemented using Raylib which is good enough for almost anything.

Below is a screenshot of my demo showing different sizes of text. The first 5 are fonts directly drawn from the different sizes of the same font which are loaded from different files. They are the originals which were all made in GIMP. The lower ones are scaled versions of the smallest font which scale perfectly.

Because I have the ability to scale fonts with Raylib, I probably don’t need to have multiple size images of the same font, but for historical and possible performance benefits, I am always going to keep the images and the code that loads them in my games because they work and there is no reason to change what works just because something new comes along.

And my games are about appreciation for the older technology anyway. Not all programming libraries support drawing scaled images anyway and there is most likely a performance penalty even if it is hard to notice on the fast machines of today.

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