The Pride of the Tetris playing Floral Clerk

I just want to say that currently I am feeling good. I’m very happy with what I am capable of in the Floral Department and with my computer programming. I have a lot of talent and can often work around my limitations with my strengths.

I don’t know what my future holds and I honestly don’t even expect to live long because my chances of being able to get full time employment are slim to none unless something majorly changes. But I do have a ton of ideas that may improve my situation.

I want to get trained to the point where I can be a Floral Designer. This might help me at Hy-Vee greatly.

But at the same time I also have insane computer skills. I am now making my own video games for fun and I’ve self published so many books on Amazon and Smashwords for myself and my mom. I could definitely keep working on these technology things I’m good at whenever I have the time. Maybe even go to some tech school for training in some specific task computer related for some kind of job that I would excel at.

But it’s actually far more likely that I could run a business of helping others who are computer illiterate publish their own books.

And with my experience in game programming with the C programming language I might even get some money from people who enjoy my games and want to support my work. I have already made two games which are clones of Tetris and Puyo Puyo. Plus there was the game BBM box adventures that I never finished.
I could probably teach other people some basic programming who want to get started since I have 21 years of experience with programming and finally broke the glass ceiling when I discovered Raylib lets me compile games for Linux and Windows flawlessly on my computer with a dual boot system.

And a final note must be made that all of my greatest achievements happened in my 30s. It took a long time to heal from tons of trauma that made me depressed and suicidal. But now I’m just too talented, beautiful, and funny to die now. Now I want to live.

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