Chaste Puyo Official Release

It has been less than a year since I released my first game, Chaste Tris, on github,, and Steam. Although it has not received any attention, I am quite proud of the achievement of making my own Tetris clone.

But just recently I did it again. I made my own clone of Puyo Puyo by modifying the source code of Chaste Tris and changing several things that made it behave like a Puyo game. The game can be downloaded from both of the following sources.

Here is a demo of me doing a 10 chain and an all clear.

Usually it is hard to do such things but because of the deterministic nature of my Puyo game, the same puyos come in the same order every time. It also helps that there are only 3 colors. More colors are possible though if I were to edit the code to allow them.

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