I am Transgender but

I am Transgender but

I think trans people should have their own sports leagues separate from men or women.

I do not believe in 72 genders. I believe there are two genders and that I am both of them. I am a checkerboard of the soul containing pieces and squares of male and female. But it was female that won the chess game and led to my transition.

I think drag queen story hour is creepy.

I’m generally “conservative” on a lot of issues politically (including pro-life) with the exception that LGBT people should absolutely be able to marry who they want and gender transition.

I don’t want people jailed for using the wrong pronouns.

Being transgender is a lot less important than my Tetris scores.

I am not trying to be “sexy” just because I like to look good and take better care of myself than I used to.

I will not do SRS surgery because I do not need an artificial vagina and would not use it. Additionally, many other transgender people do not want surgery due to cost and medical problems that can result. All surgery is risky, and people must do research and know what they are getting themselves into.

Transgender is NOT a sexual orientation, nor should T have ever been lumped with the LGB. That said, I love gays and think they have better fashion sense and make great floral designers.

I still use the men’s restroom unless gender neutral restrooms are available and/or I’ve been given direct permission to use the women’s restroom, and everyone is completely okay with it. I stick with the men’s mostly for my own safety because there are people who believe that anyone who looks male is going into women’s restrooms to rape them. They don’t know that I’m no threat to them and they don’t know that I’m physically incapable of any sexual activity because I have no testicles and my penis is always the size of a baby carrot. There have arisen some situations in the men’s restroom, however, because I no longer look like I belong in there either. However, if someone complains of a woman in the men’s restroom, I only need to use my baby carrot dick to clarify the situation.

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