LST Stacking

LST stacking is very score efficient in Tetris but also brutally hard to pull off. There is no real pattern to rely on like there is in ST Stacking. There also are not very many resources on LST stacking by comparison to other openings or playing styles. At the time of this writing, the Hard Drop wiki lacks a page on LST stacking. The best guide is currently written in Korean.

As part of the post, this video was included which inspired me to make a serious attempt at LST stacking.

Because the goal is to be able to do LST stacking using my own game Chaste Tris, I needed a special opening which is possible even with an early T piece. In my game the order of every bag is always ITZJOLS. Because of this, some of the TKI openings simply don’t work. However, a reversed form of TKI Flat Top does work! I have been studying it because it seems some variation of TKI opening is always used to start LST stacking.

My goal is the highest possible score. This means that I need every single T block to be able to achieve a T Spin Double.

Below is a video of my best record so far using LST Stacking in Chaste Tris.

What makes LST particularly difficult compared to ST is that when I am ST stacking, if I get a T block before I have a place to spin it then I simply place it on the left side stack. But when I’m doing LST stacking the goal is that every single T block will be used. This would not work for ST Stacking because it requires building the stack high enough to even set things up. But LST requires all kinds of madness as you can see from both of the videos I have linked in this post.

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