The Dishonest Practice of Shadow Banning

Recently one of my top YouTube commenters by the name neoskeptic has accused me of deleting his comments. However this is not the case. Instead his comments are not even showing for me when I log into my account. However, I recently checked my comments and noticed a “Held for review” section and some of Neo’s comments appeared there. I then clicked to “approve” one of them and then it disappeared entirely and I could no longer find it. So clearly Youtube is deciding to hide or delete the comments neoskeptic has been leaving.

But it’s not just there either. I also noticed when checking my spam in my email that all Pro-Life sites that I had subscribed to are automatically going to spam even though I have repeatedly clicked the “not spam” button many times.

Considering that google owns gmail and also YouTube, I suspect that they are heavily interested in controlling who sees what content. Even family and friends could be emailing us without us knowing because the powers that be decide to hide it from us.

Things like this have led to me becoming really distrustful of the internet. It’s also the reason why a lot of my content has changed. I don’t talk hardly ever about veganism, abortion, or other topics very much because I know what I write about will be deleted or hidden on social media so why even bother writing it in the first place?

The moral of this story is that very few people even know what I think or believe about anything save for those who talk to me locally outside of the internet or those who have done extended lengthy private messages and podcasts with me.

But one thing that everyone will always know is that I’m really good at Tetris. For everything else, people can read my books.

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