What is a Woman?

Credit goes to Matt Walsh and also my former cohost of Celibate Vegan Voices for bringing to my mind the question of what a woman is. Everyone has their definition in their head whether or not they ever have put it into words. Here is mine:

A woman is one flowing with compassion and creative energy and one that is able to be truly honest about their feelings. They are a friend to children and animals.

This can apply to anyone no matter their body parts. That is the point. This is not the same as the biological definition of a woman which is someone who can get pregnant because they have a female reproductive system.

Because when I think of a woman, I am not thinking about her reproductive system. I am thinking about the fact that traditionally, women are able to cry and talk about their feelings but men have to “be a man”, “stop crying”, “don’t be a sissy”.

And when I am honest about it. I am too sensitive and too honest to “be a man”. I wasn’t meant to be that way. I am a sissy. Society created these definitions, not me.

So when I say I am a woman, I say it quite honestly because being completely real is what I always admired about women and not having to hide behind the mask of fragile masculinity.

Surgery and hormones do not make a woman, but neither does being born female either. It’s all about the attitude that on average women have which is a better example of being a decent human being.

And the fact that I look like some weird hybrid of a male and female physically and don’t pass as either sex anymore is part of the point. Get to know who I am and quit thinking about what reproductive system I have. But for the record, I had it surgically removed!

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