Chaste Tris Coming soon on Steam

I am in the process of getting Chaste Tris ready to be released on Steam soon. It’s already possible for people to play since the source is available on Github, but my goal is to bring it to people who are not programming nerds by having it be an official game on Steam.

The process of becoming a steam partner and going through several reviews has not been easy because creating a dozen images with strict requirements and having to fix them while visiting several pages on the website and filling in the fields completely consumed many hours of my nights.

And I imagine people who play my game for the first time will be confused about how it works but I recently created a readme file with instructions of which keys do what and also how the replay feature works. I’ll also have to answer many questions from players and fix bugs if there are any remaining.

Programming and publishing a video game is not as easy as someone might first think. But I set out with goals and started learning programming when I was 14 years old and now, shortly before my 35th birthday, I have exceeded my wildest dreams.

Below are some screenshots of me working on getting things ready and submitting a new build with the readme and license text files.


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