Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. I probably wouldn’t notice if I didn’t work in the Hy-Vee Floral department because I don’t pay attention to the calendar much.

I also visit my mother ever week and show her how much I love and appreciate her. I respect my mother not because she gave birth to me but because she was, and still is, an actual parent to me. She did her best to raise me the best she could and even homeschooled me.

And now I’m an adult and have to figure out this strange world mostly on my own, but it does help that my mom gave me a great start. I consider myself lucky because many people did not get to spend as much time with their mothers as I have.

Not everyone has a good mother. Some of them gave birth to them but did not love them. And some mothers did not give birth at all but adopted their children instead. Being a mother, or father too, can mean something different for each person.

But if you have a mother that was good to you, you should be good to her. Not because it’s Mother’s Day today but every day of the year.

Be excellent to your mom.
And party on dudes!

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