CT Stacking with Chaste Tris

I believe I have invented a new style of ST stacking. It’s similar to existing ST stacking methods, however there are some pretty extreme differences.
Unlike traditional videos or guides which divide the 3 groups of blocks into the 4 wide Left, 3 wide Center, and 3 wide Right, my method changes everything by moving the left side onto the right and then allowing the blocks to be softdropped and then moved over into the 4 wide which is now on the right, as long as it is higher than the center, which now has the Z and T blocks used for T spin doubles and Tetrises.

This difference cannot be underestimated. There are several reasons.

  1. It means less risk of topping out because the blocks spawn near the center and it’s safer to build the sides than the center.
  2. The blocks can be soft dropped into the 4 wide meaning that it’s possible to leave gaps and fill them in later if you are unlucky with your block order.
  3. It is possible to clear more lines in less time if the stack is kept high because it takes less time to drop them into position.

The reason this method is called CT stacking is because it could stand for more than one thing.

Center T
Chaste Tris
Chastity Tetris

Chaste Tris is my own game I made and it’s the first I have been able to achieve this play style. It may be possible in other modern Tetris games but it would require a level of perfect play that would be hard in Tetris games with actual gravity and less time to place the blocks. It needs more testing but there is nothing about it that strictly requires my game. However my game is supreme when it comes to saving and reloading to fix mistakes.

As I succeed in doing it in more games, I will make more videos. For now enjoy this video which shows exactly what I am talking about.

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