I Do Computer Programming

I was struggling to think of what to write about but when I checked Facebook, it showed me a notification of an old video I created. I have the same video uploaded to my YouTube channel.

This video reminded me of all the computer programming I have done through the years. Now I don’t go around telling people that I’m a computer programmer, although I am, because they will think it’s a paid profession. The truth is that I’m not very good at it. I did create that video and some others with my programming skills. I got very much into graphics programming and was able to make some impressive things. However the reason I don’t consider myself much of a programmer is because of the fact that I’ve never been able to make my own video game. Believe me I have tried. I even had a pretty good start at one which can be seen in this video.

Does it look familiar? I had this bright idea that I would try to get into game programming by making my own Tetris clone. However my experiment failed miserably. Things started going very wrong and I got frustrated.

I do have some incredible programming books I have purchased throughout the years. I need to go back and review the fundamentals of the C programming language and also C++. I have done my best programming in C with a few side projects in Basic and Javascript. I never got very far when it comes to handling user input. Animations have been my primary thing because they are simpler. By no means am I a very skilled programmer but I have been able to piece a few cool example videos. I have a lot more on my Tiktok account.


Most of the videos were made by saving a series of frame images and then later encoded into videos using the command line tool ffmpeg. At the time I didn’t have a fast enough computer to actually run my program and record the result. I may be below average when it comes to programming skills and the memory to even look back at my own code and remember how it works, but I do hope people enjoy my videos because many of them are beautiful.

So I don’t call myself a programmer. No, I am an artist who seeks to create amazing things. Whether I am playing Minecraft, Terraria, Tetris, or Words with Friends, I am creating art by arranging things.

In fact I published a few books of my art years ago.




Maybe I will write more about my art in the future as I create new forms of art. And maybe I will even improve with the computer programming and make my own game. That feels like a dream that could never come true. But stranger dreams have happened before.


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