May 2021 Update

I haven’t posted on this blog all that much lately but I have been continuing writing part 5 of the Chandler’s Honesty series. I have also learned a lot about ebook formats and publishing in this process. I recently worked on getting all 3 of my mom’s books published on Smashwords. I was required to created a linked table of contents for her poetry book.

Also, my unicorn story is part of an official series on Smashwords as well.

Our books have been published on Amazon already but lately I am learning about the different types of ebook formats. I recommend using Smashwords if you want to read on an electronic device and buying the paperbacks off Amazon if you want real books.

Also I took some new pictures of my face in the hopes of having a nice author photo for part 5 of my series.

I like both the pictures so much that I think either of them could be used. I feel really cute for some reason. I guess my mother was right all along but I didn’t believe her!

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